Time Lapse

what does it CONSIST of?

Multi-camera incubator Time-Lapse is a pioneer system that allows you to capture the first moments of your baby’s life. This system records the evolution of embryos through photographs and then joins these images into a video.

Recording each step in embryonic development, the Time-Lapse multi-chamber incubator allows specialists to determine more accurately which embryos have the best implantation potential.

How does it work?

The Time-Lapse incubator consists of several compartments with built-in chambers, in which the embryos are introduced for cultivation. The cameras take pictures of the embryos every five minutes, which allows embryologists to monitor their development and determine which ones offer the best chance of getting pregnant.

The Time-Lapse incorporates a screen in which the status of the embryos can be checked in real time without opening the incubator. In this way we maintain stable conditions of humidity, temperature and CO2 throughout the development process.


  • Assess embryonic development without varying the minimum culture conditions.
  • Improve the selection of embryos with greater implantation possibilities.
  • Detect possible individual cell abnormalities.
  • Facilitate work in the laboratory.

In general, any patient undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment can benefit from the advantages of the Time Lapse incubator. However, it is especially indicated in cases where several failed processes have occurred and wishing to transfer a single embryo.



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