Iñaki Arroyos

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Iñaki Arroyos Ovoclinic Madrid
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  • 2019 – Present: Gynecologist Responsible for Ovoclinic Madrid.
  • January 2017- January 2019: Laboratory Supervisor at “Reproduction Department of 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University”. Quanzhou, China
  • January 2014- December 2016: Laboratory Director at Fiv Center (Madrid)
  • June 2012- December 2013: Laboratory Supervisor at Fiv Center (Madrid)
  • February 2006- May 2012: Clinical Embryologist at Fiv Center (Madrid)
  • 2010 to 2016: Technical support in different reproduction centers in the Community of Madrid: Androfiv, Hospital Nuestra Señora de América. Atocha Reproduction Center, Reprofiv.
  • 2014: Certification (ESHRE) “Senior Embryologist”.
  • 2010: Certification (ESHRE) “Clinical Embryologist”.