What is it?

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is performed as an additional part of an IVF treatment cycle where a single sperm is injected into each egg to assist fertilisation using very fine micro-manipulation equipment. In most cases, ICSI can be used to overcome severe male infertility.

Who is it for?

  • Men with low sperm quality (low sperm concentration, poor mobility or morphology)
  • Patients with cryopreserved samples
  • Patients with azoospermia or who have had a vasectomy
  • Women without a male partner who perform a donor semen treatment.


Ovarian stimulation: The patient undergoes a hormonal treatment to develop several oocytes in the same month.

Follicular puncture: Once the stimulation treatment is completed, the doctor punctures the ovarian follicles to extract the oocytes.

The differential point with respect to conventional IVF. Instead of depositing the oocyte in a glass plate next to the semen sample, it is the embryologist who directly chooses the highest quality sperm for fertilization. The choice is based on criteria such as morphology or mobility of each sperm.

Once the selection is made, each oocyte is fertilized with a single sperm. After that, the resulting embryos are fertilized for five or six days, until they reach the blastocyst phase, and then the highest quality is transferred to the patient. The rest are vitrified for use in subsequent cycles.



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