Genetic Compatibility Test

It allows us to prevent the transmission of more than 300 recessive genetic diseases. That is, those who need to be wounded by both progenitors to manifest.

Test de compatibilidad-FIV Marbella

The vast majority of the healthy population has some recessive mutation in their genes, but it does not manifest it. It is what is called being a carrier. If our partner has this same mutation, there is a 25% chance that our child will manifest it, and 50% that he becomes a carrier.

Although rare, recessive diseases are often serious and incurable. Among the most common are cystic fibrosis, osteogenesis imperfecta or thalassemia.

With the genetic compatibility test, we reduce the chances of transmitting one of these diseases to our offspring.

When to consult?

To carry out this test, a blood sample is taken from each member of the couple, to analyze from them the DNA of both in search of more than 6,000 genetic alterations associated with the 300 most common inherited diseases. The results are delivered to the couple after a few weeks.


If genetic incompatibility is detected for any of the diseases analyzed, there are two options:

  • PGD test: A biopsy of all the embryos obtained is used to use those that are free of genetic diseases.
  • Donation of gametes or embryos: Ovules and sperm or donor embryos are used to perform the treatment.

Who is it for?

Couples who present a risk of transmitting a genetic disease to their children

Couples with a family history of hereditary diseases

Couples who resort to the donation of eggs or sperm, to verify that they are genetically compatible with their donor.



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