FIV Marbella opens a new clinic in the city of Ceuta

At FIV Marbella we are pleased to announce that today, March 4th, at 20:00 we will inaugurate our FIV Marbella clinic in Ceuta. The event will take place at Paseo de la Marina Española No. 26, exactly where the clinic is.

Two months ago, we decided to open in this city with the aim of contributing our experience and technology in the assisted reproduction sector to its citizens. Two months later, we proudly announce that 3 patients have achieved the desired pregnancy thanks to the help of our professionals.

We would like to remind you that FIV Marbella has a team of more than 100 professionals with extensive experience in the world of fertility. This team is at the service of Ceuta patients to meet, with guarantees, the growing demand that exists in this community and provide the best possible service in each treatment.

With this new opening, we are now present in 6 cities: Marbella, Málaga, Madrid, Milan, Barcelona and Ceuta, which joins the large FIV Marbella family.

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